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Winter 2018

I can't believe we have got to another year already.  Spring is round the corner and the snowdrops are looking great in the garden - and distracting me when I'm supposed to be working.  I must admit to being fed up with the rain and mud though.  I think I should be painting all my portraits with mud splatters for authenticity at the moment.  I have started a new project at the end of last year, doing sports memorabilia, which is a bit different!  I love doing the pet portraits but it is really good to have a new challenge and to do portraits of a few people.  Painting famous people is a first for me and I found I got quite excited by doing something different.  The gloves have already been signed by a celebrity so I just have to add their portrait.  The gloves are apparently special display only gloves - so not for using - that would muck up my work a treat I should think anyway.   I used oil paints for these and I think I'm happy with the result.  Oils are slow to dry and can be a bit tricky but I do like using them for doing people.  They also stick on the leather very well as they are flexible and have a lovely lustre, compared to acrylics, for this sort of thing.That's about all my news for now best wishes Michelle

Autumn 2017

I must admit I am not the best when it comes to keeping up with updating this website.  No excuses, I just potter on with life and don't really think about it.  Saying that I have been busy doing bits and have had quite a good summer.Now Christmas is lurking around the corner and I've just started my Christmas commissions.  This is by way of a prompt if you are thinking about asking me as I can just about fit another couple in if you get a wiggle on and get in touch!  They do make very special and unique presents and will earn you many Brownie points from your loved one.  Or just get it for yourself!  This is my sales pitch by the way.  I have done a few paintings that are not shown on my website or Facebook page as the person they are for has not yet recieved them - and I would hate to spoil the surprise.  The problem is even if the recipient doesn't use Social Media there is always the dimwit friend who does and will cheerfully say they saw their painting etc and even show them.  Hmm.  So there will be some more to follow  . . .Anyway that's enough of me rabbiting on - lots of love Michelle   

Summer is here already . . .

 . . . and I can't believe how hot it is at the moment.  I must admit I have neglected my computer quite a bit as have had more than enough to do outside.  I have just put on the portrait I did of my friend Dennis' Morgan which I did as a gift in return for a lot of help and effort fixing things around my cottage.  Very grateful I am too.  I don't mind bartering for skills as I think everyone has their strengths so it's good to trade.I have also just completed a cartoon for Sue who has just retired after 18 years at the vets where I used to work.  It was great to catch up with friends at her send off and it was another really nice 'job' to do too.  The cartoon has, naturally, a lot on in jokes relevant only to the recipient and her other partners in crime but that is what makes it special and unique for her - although admittedly it probably won't make much sense to anyone who doen't know her.  Cartoons actually take me as long or even longer than portraits because you have to do research, get ideas and they area bit more fiddley to paint in.  Fun however.Anyway better crack on  . . .Michelle x   

Jan 17 - Away with the Fairies . . .

Hello - I've been having a play around with an idea I had some time ago - I wanted to do an updated lampoon version of the Victorian Flower Fairies - sort of Fairies behaving badly or de-flowered Fairies?  Anyhow I've done a few for fun so thought I would add them on and see what sort of reaction they get.  I find the originals a bit twee and creepy for some reason . . . 

This is "Blackberry Fairy" - you can get quite close to this one as they are often ingrossed in what they are doing and preoccupied.  

Meet "Magic Mushroom Fairy" - he's quite laid back and easy going . . . 


This is "Whorethorn Fairy" - mostly out at dusk or nocturnal - very friendly . . . especially to the opposite sex.  

Warning - treat this one with caution - this is PMS Fairy - she can turn nasty if provoked - and definitely don't mention her hair.

Often seen in Summer this is Badass Fairy - basically he is a nasty little bugger.

Last but not least this is the "Man-Flu gnome" - mostly around in the colder months and has more of an affect on men than women generally for some reason.  He got me over Christmas, little sod.

 Actually here is the next installment in "Away with the Fairies" . . .  here we have "Rat-Arsed Fairies" they are usually happy but can occaisionally become a bit beligerant so approach with caution, and keep you drink cupboard locked whilst you are at it.


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017 . . .

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year!  Apart from getting a rotten cold I enjoyed the festive season and now we start a new year.  I toyed around at Christmas with some baubles and did this one as a little gift for some good friends of mine so I would be interested to know if anyone else likes this idea and would like one done next year?

This is Bramble the Doberman who is also a regular guest at my Doggy Hotel.

My dear old Colonel

dog sculpture pointer

This is the first sculpture I have ever done - and it was a very emotional one for me.  I lost my old boy just before his 15th Birthday and he was, to my mind, a legend.  I wanted to do a trubute to him and the wonderful time we had together.  I had also re-built the old well in the garden as a flower bed and wanted a centre piece to go in it.  I'd looked for something online but either couldn't afford it or didn't like it.  Found one nice pointer statue . . . but then realised it was only 15cm high - which would be a bit lost!  So thought to myself, I shall make my own . . . how hard can it be?

As it is a new medium for me it wasn't without it's problems.  I used air dry clay as I don't have access to a kiln - and this was a mistake.  Nice to work with but cracked as it dried . .  and cracked  . . . and cracked.  I tried filling the cracks and that fell out.  In the end I resorted to polyfiller and bvowed never to use the sodding stuff again.  Ever.  I wasn't going to paint it - just leave it plain - but by now it was blotchy with filler so had to.  Bought bronze paint - which made it look like cheap and tacky gold.  Humph. Then airbrushed colours over it until it looked a bit more suble.

All it needs now is a coat of protective lacque as I'm not sure how it will stand up to the elements.  I really would live to get it cast properly but think that would be well beyond my means.  I did look at a foundry - who had an offer on - they send you a sort of wax to work in and themn will cast it for you in bronze for £95 . . . wow!  I sent off for it with enthusiasm  . . . the bit of stuff that arrived would have made a very nice life size hamster.  Oh well, if that size cost that much I guess my life size piece would be extortionate!  You never know, one day  . . !

I enjoyed doing this however so you never know I might try something else.  Hope you like it x

dog sculpture pointerdog sculpture pointerdog sculpture pointerdog sculpture pointerdog sculpture pointerdog sculpture pointer


And now for something different . . . Jaguars without fur!

Since January I've been pottering away at a commission for two very large oil paintings which I have been wanting to do for some time but needed the time to do them justice.  I love working in oils, after all they were the first medium I really working in back when I was just 10.  They do have certain drawbacks as they take a long time to dry and, unlike acryllics, can't be prodded at too much on consecutive days unless you want to lift off or smudge what you have already done.  (I have a habit of wiping my arm over it). Even now these two paintings will have to have a couple of weeks to dry off before I can give them a light protective varnish ( the proper varnishing should be done in about a year's time) and then, once that's dry they can go to my framers.  So there is a lot of waiting if you want one done you need to be patient!


The colours on oils are lovely and rich (I know, these are in black & white!) and you can layer them over the top on each other.   I was really excited to get this commission as it was so different from most of the artwork I do these days.  I have painted cars before of course and love Jags in particular as my father owned one for many years.  But the idea of recreating an old sepia photo scaled up and in oils challenged me.  These two were done on canvas board rather than stretched canvas mostly because I find the boards stay in shape better on larger sizes and I would have had to get a bespoke stretched canvas made up to the larger size which would have needed extra support and so would have been heavy - and provbably still would buckle a bit.  I like baord, it stays the right shape and doesn't sag.  

I've now got the bug again and feel like doing another oil painting!  I shall give it some thought! 


Happy New Year!


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a good New Year!  I enjoyed myself I have to say.  The run up to Christmas was busy for me with my Christmas orders which was good - and I thoroughly enjoyed doing them too.

I've not been idle since either as I'm just in the process of completing a commssion for a couple of very pretty Dalmations so I'm seeing spots before my eyes at the moment.  Doing portraits of pets with very distinctive and individual markings can be quite a challenge.  The thing is their markings are unique to them and have to be in the right place, right size etc otherwise it just wont be a convincing portrait.  Yes it would look like a Dalmation, for example,  but not that particular dog.  This portrait is going well though so I'm excited for the clients to see it now.

Anyway on that note I'd better go and get on with some work!  All the best for 2016 Michelle.



Christmas is coming . . .


I can't believe it is coming up to another Christmas, it really doesn't seem all that long since the last one.  It is (I'm pleased to say) my busiest time of year and I've made a good start on my orders.  I won't be adding any photos of them to the website until after the main event just in case I inadvertently spoil someone's surprise pressie but I shall put them on in the New Year,  so watch this space.

I think a painting - especially a unique commissioned portrait - makes a very special gift.  I realise it is not a cheap option but a good many hours go into each work and they truly are one offs.  Some of my clients club together to buy a painting for a special occasion for a loved one which is a good idea.  Some people are very difficult to get presents for or are hard to surprise!

I did the next painting just because I felt like it!  It's based on a photo I really liked and I'm quite pleased with the effect.  It is for sale - £200 plus P & P - unframed so if you are interested please contact me either via this website or throught my shop in Artfinder

.diprose art horse painting acrylic portrait



Paintings for sale!

The Bluewater pop-up exhibition was a great success and the "What iF  . . .? Gallery" did really well which is fantastic.  On a personal note I was really pleased as I sold two of the four paintings I had enetered and was happy to hear that I was the first artist to sellanything.  Encouraging stuff.  I also did a demo day for them which was great fun and resulted in "The King and The Prince" lions paionting that I am now putting up for sale.  I am also hoping to do a voluntary day demo at the gallery in Dartford sometime in the future.

The two lions are ones that I photographed at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Smarden Kent.  I love big cats and it was a good excuse to paint some. I am selling this painting for £250 (unframed) so please contact me if you are interested.


The second painting I have just put up for sale is of a tango - I love watching dance (and, yes, I am a Strictly fan I'm afraid!) wish i could do this!  I love the passion and incredible shapes the dancers make.  This painting is £180 framed + P & P.





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