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Bluewater or bust . . .

Exciting news - I have been asked to contribute a few pieces to the "What If . . . Gallery" Dartford's pop up shop which is exhibiting in Bluewater for the next 6 weeks!  Great stuff and good for them for sorting it out!  I think there are about 50 of us local artists showing our work - all different styles so it should be a really interesting mix.  I love this idea as most galleries only show one style of artwork wether it be modern or local landscape or whatever, but it is so much more interesting to have all sorts of works together - something for everyone's taste.  Art is subjective after all.  If you are going to Bluewater soon go and have a look - the show is on the bottom mall near House of Fraser and Allsaints.  I am demonstrating how I do my paintings all day on Monday 21st 10am - 6pm I think if you want to come and have a look - the support would be appreciated!  There are lots of demos going on by other artists on the other days too which should be good. Please try to have a look and tell your friends - the gallery does a lot for local talent especially young artists (ok no rude remarks thanks - I didn't mean me!) and I think deserves support in return.

I'm putting My Roxy in as one of my contributions as well as my Arab Mare & Foal, Dungeness beach and an old boat at Dungeness.


Hope you get to go and see them M x