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Christmas fun



The run up to Christmas is for me my busiest time which is not surprising.  But I love it.  I like having lots of different things to do and have been enjoying the work very much.  The down side to this is I don't have much time for Christmas preparations for myself so I am a last minute wonder!

The other problem I have is I can't show off much of the work I have been doing just in case I inadvertently spoil someone's surprise!  You will get to see more of what I have been up to after the festivities once my clients have had their paintings.

I will put on the ones I can for now and say a little bit about them . . . 

german shorthair pointer
This lovely boy belonged to my friend Karen - I have warned her he is going on my website so I hope she wont peek!  I'm really looking forward to handing this one over although it is also rather sad as he is no longer with us.  Having an old pointer boy myself makes it all the more poignant for me.

Anyway I really hope everyone has a great Christmas - I certainly intend to!