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Happy New Year!


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a good New Year!  I enjoyed myself I have to say.  The run up to Christmas was busy for me with my Christmas orders which was good - and I thoroughly enjoyed doing them too.

I've not been idle since either as I'm just in the process of completing a commssion for a couple of very pretty Dalmations so I'm seeing spots before my eyes at the moment.  Doing portraits of pets with very distinctive and individual markings can be quite a challenge.  The thing is their markings are unique to them and have to be in the right place, right size etc otherwise it just wont be a convincing portrait.  Yes it would look like a Dalmation, for example,  but not that particular dog.  This portrait is going well though so I'm excited for the clients to see it now.

Anyway on that note I'd better go and get on with some work!  All the best for 2016 Michelle.