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Jan 17 - Away with the Fairies . . .

Hello - I've been having a play around with an idea I had some time ago - I wanted to do an updated lampoon version of the Victorian Flower Fairies - sort of Fairies behaving badly or de-flowered Fairies?  Anyhow I've done a few for fun so thought I would add them on and see what sort of reaction they get.  I find the originals a bit twee and creepy for some reason . . . 

This is "Blackberry Fairy" - you can get quite close to this one as they are often ingrossed in what they are doing and preoccupied.  

Meet "Magic Mushroom Fairy" - he's quite laid back and easy going . . . 


This is "Whorethorn Fairy" - mostly out at dusk or nocturnal - very friendly . . . especially to the opposite sex.  

Warning - treat this one with caution - this is PMS Fairy - she can turn nasty if provoked - and definitely don't mention her hair.

Often seen in Summer this is Badass Fairy - basically he is a nasty little bugger.

Last but not least this is the "Man-Flu gnome" - mostly around in the colder months and has more of an affect on men than women generally for some reason.  He got me over Christmas, little sod.

 Actually here is the next installment in "Away with the Fairies" . . .  here we have "Rat-Arsed Fairies" they are usually happy but can occaisionally become a bit beligerant so approach with caution, and keep you drink cupboard locked whilst you are at it.