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My dear old Colonel

dog sculpture pointer

This is the first sculpture I have ever done - and it was a very emotional one for me.  I lost my old boy just before his 15th Birthday and he was, to my mind, a legend.  I wanted to do a trubute to him and the wonderful time we had together.  I had also re-built the old well in the garden as a flower bed and wanted a centre piece to go in it.  I'd looked for something online but either couldn't afford it or didn't like it.  Found one nice pointer statue . . . but then realised it was only 15cm high - which would be a bit lost!  So thought to myself, I shall make my own . . . how hard can it be?

As it is a new medium for me it wasn't without it's problems.  I used air dry clay as I don't have access to a kiln - and this was a mistake.  Nice to work with but cracked as it dried . .  and cracked  . . . and cracked.  I tried filling the cracks and that fell out.  In the end I resorted to polyfiller and bvowed never to use the sodding stuff again.  Ever.  I wasn't going to paint it - just leave it plain - but by now it was blotchy with filler so had to.  Bought bronze paint - which made it look like cheap and tacky gold.  Humph. Then airbrushed colours over it until it looked a bit more suble.

All it needs now is a coat of protective lacque as I'm not sure how it will stand up to the elements.  I really would live to get it cast properly but think that would be well beyond my means.  I did look at a foundry - who had an offer on - they send you a sort of wax to work in and themn will cast it for you in bronze for £95 . . . wow!  I sent off for it with enthusiasm  . . . the bit of stuff that arrived would have made a very nice life size hamster.  Oh well, if that size cost that much I guess my life size piece would be extortionate!  You never know, one day  . . !

I enjoyed doing this however so you never know I might try something else.  Hope you like it x

dog sculpture pointerdog sculpture pointerdog sculpture pointerdog sculpture pointerdog sculpture pointerdog sculpture pointer