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Summer is here already . . .

 . . . and I can't believe how hot it is at the moment.  I must admit I have neglected my computer quite a bit as have had more than enough to do outside.  I have just put on the portrait I did of my friend Dennis' Morgan which I did as a gift in return for a lot of help and effort fixing things around my cottage.  Very grateful I am too.  I don't mind bartering for skills as I think everyone has their strengths so it's good to trade.I have also just completed a cartoon for Sue who has just retired after 18 years at the vets where I used to work.  It was great to catch up with friends at her send off and it was another really nice 'job' to do too.  The cartoon has, naturally, a lot on in jokes relevant only to the recipient and her other partners in crime but that is what makes it special and unique for her - although admittedly it probably won't make much sense to anyone who doen't know her.  Cartoons actually take me as long or even longer than portraits because you have to do research, get ideas and they area bit more fiddley to paint in.  Fun however.Anyway better crack on  . . .Michelle x