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Winter 2018

I can't believe we have got to another year already.  Spring is round the corner and the snowdrops are looking great in the garden - and distracting me when I'm supposed to be working.  I must admit to being fed up with the rain and mud though.  I think I should be painting all my portraits with mud splatters for authenticity at the moment.  I have started a new project at the end of last year, doing sports memorabilia, which is a bit different!  I love doing the pet portraits but it is really good to have a new challenge and to do portraits of a few people.  Painting famous people is a first for me and I found I got quite excited by doing something different.  The gloves have already been signed by a celebrity so I just have to add their portrait.  The gloves are apparently special display only gloves - so not for using - that would muck up my work a treat I should think anyway.   I used oil paints for these and I think I'm happy with the result.  Oils are slow to dry and can be a bit tricky but I do like using them for doing people.  They also stick on the leather very well as they are flexible and have a lovely lustre, compared to acrylics, for this sort of thing.That's about all my news for now best wishes Michelle