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Commissioning Terms

Copyright - Paintings and photos subject to copyright and this usually belongs to the person who created them. For each photo you send me you are granting me an indefinite licence to use it, copy it and display it in any way so it is important that you own the copyright or have permission to grant this licence. Therefore for each photo you send me you are agreeing to indemnify me against any costs arising from claims made against me by any persons claiming to own the copyright. Please bear this in mind if you want me to use photos taken by another professional.

Copyright of your painting will remain with me which gives me the right to display/copy/sell images of it to third parties. I reserve the right to use images of your purchased painting for publicity/advertising purposes.  Reproduction of my artwork/photography is subject to copyright and may, therefore only be done with my express permission.

Satisfaction: - I want you to be happy with your painting and, if necessary, will make minor adjustments to the finished work if you wish me to do so and it is possible. If you do not wish to pay the balance for the finished painting then you will forfeit the initial deposit and I will retain ownership and copyright of the picture.

N.B. Your payment of the deposit constitutes your confirmation of your acceptance of my terms and conditions.