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Gift Vouchers

Have you run out of time? Left it too late? Or maybe you can’t get photos without spoiling the surprise? A gift voucher would be a great solution! For special occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays or Wedding presents you can buy a painting or an art lesson voucher. Forgotten your wedding anniversary and need a quick fix?! it's an ideal last minute gift - by the way did you know your 1st anniversary is “ paper” so what about a drawing? 

You can get a voucher either online or I can send you a presentation pack if you would prefer so that you have something to actually give to the recipient on their special day. The portrait voucher can be useful as it gives the recipient a chance to have input into their portrait commission so they should get the painting they want. Or if its a voucher for tuition it is a nice opportunity to have a taster lesson and find out if it is for you.