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Pricing is determined by size, media used and number of subjects. The following is an approximate for works in acrylics/mixed media and does not include framing. Complex subjects with lots of detail e.g. complicated harnesses etc. may cost more as they take longer to execute.


Size Price Comment
A4 / 20cm x 30cm / 10” x 12” £200 - £230 Suitable for a single head portrait
A3 / 30cm x 40cm / 12” x 16” £250 - £280 Suitable for either 2 heads or one small entire subject e.g. cat/dog
A2 / 40cm x 60cm / 16” x 24” £300 - £350 Suitable for large entire subject  e.g. horse, or 3 head portraits or a combination of both.

Larger paintings are available for 4 + subjects upon request.  

Paintings in oils are also available but please be aware that due to the higher cost of materials and the longer drying times they will cost more and take longer than a painting in acrylics. If you wish to have an oil painting I would be happy to discuss your individual requirements with you.

How to Order: -

Please send me your reference photos - preferably several good clear ones of the subject - by email or post together with an outline of your requirements and your deadline if you have one. I will then contact you to discuss the details of your commission, confirm the price and my work schedule. To confirm your order please give/send me a deposit of £50. Please note that I cannot accept a commission if the reference photos show insufficient detail of the subject (*please see photography service). 

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for completion of your painting, and 8 weeks for Christmas commissions orders for which need to be received by the end of October. If you have an urgent deadline please let me know and if I can rearrange my work schedule to accommodate you I will try and do this.  

I will contact you as soon as the painting is ready to arrange collection. Payment of the balance due is required on receipt of your finished piece. I am afraid I do not deliver but I am happy to post unframed paintings. They have to be sent by special delivery because of their value and I will require full payment, including postage, before I send off the completed work. I will, however, email you a photo of your painting to make sure you are satisfied before I post the original which I will do on receipt of your payment.

If you have any questions relating to commissioning a painting please contact me and I will be happy to advise you.

Framing: - 

I am more than happy to get your painting framed for you and I use a very good framer who will do your painting justice. I generally leave the choice of frame to him as he is very skilled at selecting just the right one, but if you have a specific preference then I will let him know.  

Framed work will need to be collected as posting would be difficult because of the glass and weight.

Prints and Reproductions of Artwork

I own the copyright to all of my paintings and as I retain reproduction rights on all my original work no one else may produce copies of my artwork without my express permission. If you commission a painting from me and would like a print of it too - for example for another member of your family - this can be arranged. A high quality A4 mounted giclee print will cost £50 + P & P, or an A3 £85 + P & P.  As I have photographic records of all my work I can usually arrange this for you at any time so you do not need to place an order a print when you request a commission.  If you wish to utilise reproductions of my work for business use please contact me to discuss your options.

Delivery and Framing Costs

If you would like your unframed mounted painting, drawing or print posted to you I can arrange this. The price given for postage also includes the packaging necessary to keep you purchase safe in transit and the cost of sending it via Special Delivery to insure it. Unfortunately I cannot usually post paintings that are framed with glass as they are too fragile and may get damaged so these would need to be collected.

UK Price guide: - 

Size   Price
Small up to A4 £15
Medium A4 up to A3 £25
Large A3 & greater £35 - £45

Exceptionally large or heavy items or anything going worldwide would have to be priced individually and I will advise you accordingly.

Framing costs: -

Framing prices can vary tremendously due to the difference in quality and style of mouldings and mounts that are available, and if glass is required or not, but to give you a rough idea for bespoke framing: - 

Size   Price
Small A5 - A4 £45 - £65
Medium A4 - A3 £55 - 85
Large A3 - A2 £65 - £105

(Greater than A2 would need to be priced individually)